This interview was originally published in VentureBeat on November 13, 2007.  

Jim Scheinman, one of three founders of Bebo, is leaving the company he helped start to become an Entrepreneur in Residence at the VC firm, Charles River Ventures. We talked with him to discuss that decision, his days at Friendster, his plans for the future and, of course, Facebook.

VB: What was it about this opportunity that made you decide to leave Bebo?

JS: I’m an early-stage entrepreneur at heart and the time was right for me to look to the next opportunity in the start-up world. It’s always hard leaving something that you’ve started, especially when the business is doing as great as Bebo is, but sometimes when a special opportunity presents itself, you’ve got to go for it. I suppose it’s the risk-taker in me helping make this decision.

To read the remaining part of this enlightening interview, check out the original version published on VentureBeat.

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