I plan to use my blog as a place to share some of the many lessons I’ve learned over the years working with startups and entrepreneurs. I continually see many of the same patterns, problems, and roadblocks with startups and I will use this as an opportunity to share my learnings with you.

I am currently the managing partner of Maven Ventures, a micro-VC fund and incubator in Palo Alto that invests in consumer startups with hyper-growth potential.

Maven Ventures

Maven Ventures is an incubator and Micro VC fund focused exclusively on consumer internet and mobile startups with hyper-growth potential. Jim Scheinman is the founder and CEO of Maven; he has achieved 3 ‘Unicorn’ ($1B+) exits/valuations over the past 20 years and serves as a highly engaged investor and mentor for all companies in the Maven portfolio. Jim’s top successes as a founder/executive and angel investor include Bebo ($850M sale to AOL), Tango ($1B+ valuation) and NBCi ($6B IPO), plus several other exits including the recent acquisition of Check by Intuit for $360M. With 18+ years of experience in the field, Jim is one of the leading growth experts in Silicon Valley, a TED speaker, and a frequent presenter and judge at many startup conferences and events. Jim has a BSc in Neuropsychology from Duke University and earned a JD at the University of California Davis School of Law.

Maven’s Mentorship

In addition to Jim’s expertise, Maven calls on the insight of over 20 growth mentors to host monthly events and individual office hours for portfolio companies. Maven invests in Seed and Series A deals and works closely with all companies in the Palo-Alto based incubator as well as the broader portfolio. Apply to Maven Ventures on AngelList or through a referral from one of our mentors or portfolio companies.